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In memory of Merihan Ahmad Ayache, who died last March, at 17.
We will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts.

Harouf Winter 2008... New Pictures

Harouf Pictures Album... Winter 2006

Harouf Martyrs in the war of July 2006

Houses & Buildings Destroyed During The War

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Water Bridge in Germany.. What a feat!

Martyrs Tree Gives Bint Jbeil a New Name

How the world works

A rather insightful analogy...    


Warnings of a Flu Pandemic (Bird Flu)

Praised be God

قال تعالى: " مرج البحرين يلتقيان بينهما برزخ لا يبغيان فبأي آلآء ربكما تكذبان "... صدق الله العظيم

The Holly Quran Translated into many languages

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The Holly Quran

Me and My Father

Best 40 Proverbs and Maxims in the World..

ABC.. Proverbs and Maxims



 " If Allah helps you, none can overcome you "

H a r o u f  Town - South Lebanon

Harouf.. is a town from the district of Nabateiyeh City, South of Lebanon. It's away from it around 5 kms, from the West, rising from the sea 480 meters, and is considered as an important educational, commercial and trading area. It's bordered by five neighboring villages nearby are; Dwair, Toul, Jibsheet, Zibdeen and Shukeen.

A Study on Harouf Town Website

Professionals in Designing & Developing Websites

Hassan Bawab.. Lebanese from HAROUF Town, is the Founder & CEO of Magic Logix Commercial Company, USA, Dallas.... Professionals in Designing and Developing Websites

Hassan Bawab.. Lebanese from HAROUF Town, South of Lebanon, is the Founder & CEO of Magic Logix Commercial Company, USA, Dallas.. Professionals in Designing and Developing Websites around the world.. 

Happy Home Furniture.. South Lebanon Harouf-Dwair Main Road... مفروشات البيت السعيد جنوب لبـنان طريق عام حاروف الدوير

Happy Home Furniture - Lebanon

Single Home Wooden Furniture… Domestic readymade manufacturing and up to customer's demand... Available with a wide variety range of models and measurements as: Clothes wardrobes, Shoes, TV and Kitchen cabinets, Office and Saloon tables... National, Malaysian and Chinese Industry. Products manufactured from Natural oak and Artificial wood as Lamayka and MDF...

مفروشــات البيت السعيد  Happy Home Furniture

Al-Shami Commercial Center, Toul - Nabatieh - South Lebanon Highway of Haruof Dweir Phone: 00961 7 767743

Beautiful 3D Photography

Of Makkah, Madinah, and Other Places...

Very Nice Work... As If You Were There

Sami Dahlawi


المملكة العربية السعودية

محمد... (ص)  رجل الأمة الإسلامية 

Muhammad, a man of a nation...

النبي محمد... (ص)  الرجل... والرسالة

Prophet Muhammad     The Man & The Message

Who is Imam Hussein (pah)?

Al Aqsa Mosque & Qubbat As-Sakhra / Jerusalem

A wonderful File.. Good to keep, save and distribute

Katya Suhail Ayash - Canada      Katia_ayache@hotmail.com

 Haroufiyat... The Official Website of Harouf Municipality  حاروفيات... الموقع الرسمي لبلدية حاروف
Visit the website of the most famous Arabic lyric poet; Abdeljalil Wehby
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 Inaugurate of Imam Ali Mosque (p) in Harouf

(Harouf Big Bin) New Harouf Entrance at day...

  Albaheej Ayash Museum

Hrouf new Sporting City...

Albaheej Ayash Museum in Lebanese Press

HAROUF under the Pole Snowstorm.. More Pictures

Bilal Shahine, Son of Harouf town... a Bright Medical Physicist...  Saving people from Cancer..


The Most World Wide Quran Website: Al-Quran Network


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