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A Study on Harouf Town Website


HAROUF.. Land of Knowledge, Poetry & Literature


The main idea of establishing an electronic website for Harouf town began, when the professor of accounting and computer programming and (html), in Jwayya University Institute of Technology, Dr. Hassan Khamis, asked his students, including my daughter Fatimah, in the first academic year of 2003, to design a website for their local South towns, in the context of scientific research at the end of the school year, so that the site contains an overview of the town, its history, importance of its geography, and the most famous features of each town, along with news, pictures, archaeological, tourist sites, and all interested matters to the people of these towns like to know about their towns, in particular the overseas emigrants in the countries of the world.

The local website has been established, where it earned the admiration and appreciation of the professor of the article, and she got a high degree in the research. As a result, I have promised my daughter Fatimah, that together we can develop the idea of this research and turn it from a local website to a scientific electronic fact through the international internet website.

Thus, the technical workshop was launched in all directions, with assistance of the family and some town's activities. We published the trial site in the first of August 2003, followed by one month the publication of the basic web site, www.harouf.com in the first of September 2003. Since then, we are continuing the development and tender day after day, to serve the dear sons of the town within and outside Lebanon.

The site transferred all news of the town with its variety and multiplicity, providing Lebanese emigrants and Haroufies in the most important developments in the domestic area of the town and transferring of new pictures, informing visitors about the advantages of the town and its relevance at the local level in particular.

You can also browse designer's word from within the site, to obtain more knowledge about the purpose of establishing the website of Harouf town. You can also get some important information about the town sequentially on the following links:

The owner and designer of Harouf site is designed and published a new website for Harouf municipality under the name of "Haroufiyat": http://www.haroufiyat.com  

Another site publishing books of the famous known lyric poet from Harouf town, Abdeljalil WEHBY

And a forth website as a mediator between the marriage electronic sites help browser for quick access to sites specializing in this field:

That was regarding the idea of establishing the site and its constant concern to transfer information in a timely manner, in honesty and conscientiously, and that is what touched by every browser for the site's pages. But the motives that led to the creation of websites in general, and the Southern ones in particular, which are expanding and growing day by day, and ideas that promote to, concentrating in the following factors:

The motives that led to the creation of electronic websites… During the meeting of Southern websites' Managers on April 2008, in Sour city?

1 - Urgent need to define the importance of this small country in size, Lebanon, but big in science, to the peoples of the world. In addition to development and prosperity of intellectual, scientific and cultural, which is characterized by its citizens, and to highlight the face of advanced civilization, and the importance of the spread of its people in various countries of the world.

Where a high percentage of Lebanese forming segments and components of these peoples, but today they are the forefront of the highest positions of government and the civil and private, largely in the fields of industry and commerce who excelled and who had always the lead and made a great progress in the development of these countries.

2 - Delivery of the fact of Lebanese people with its strength and steadfastness in the face of the Zionist enemy, the usurper of the land, property and natural resources of water, soil, air and nature, in order to define peoples and nations of the world the right and the legitimacy of Lebanon in the defense of this land and humans, property and wealth, and to make them understand that the Lebanese national resistance is the only way to restore the land territories and the restoration of prisoners to their home to live with dignity and freedom on the land of the dear homeland.

It's a real, inevitable and honest national resistance, like the liberal revolutionary movements in the world that have contributed to the liberation of their countries from the yoke of foreign occupations have over the previous centuries.

3 - To prove that Lebanon and Lebanese are the origin of current global civilization, and the people of science and invention, commerce and industry, and that Arabs who are exported sciences, cultures and inventions to the whole world, and that the credit in the development and promotion through the Lebanese and Arab emigrants in the world.

Ideas promoted by these sites?

Today we are witness to the importance of these sites to pose an honest source of information, and a free forum for opinion and Arabic thought, in favor of the rightful Arab issues, especially due the Palestinian issue, combined with today's issues of Iraq and Lebanon, and to highlight on the disadvantages of global arrogance intervention in the affairs of these countries, and try to adapt them to their will, in order to create and establish a center of moderate Arabs group, to protect the occupied Zionist enemy, and could the modern colonial to control over the fortunes and the wealth of the peoples of the region. These electronic Arabic and Lebanese sites occupied large areas of space in its field, helped in the transfer of these historical facts to the world.

Reported extent among the Internet users?

We have always seen the desirability and acceptance of visitors of these sites from all countries in the world to the topics raised and their interaction with them, and encourage the continued in development and promotion of information, the transfer of news and new images and provide them with the stark reality that only find them through our Arabic electronic active websites.

Why sites specializing in news of some specific area?

Websites that are specializing in the transfer of news of a specific area, it is because of the desire to specialize in order to get the study or the idea or information that require depth of specialization, and expansion in transfer news of this region, in realistic and deliberate, in order to obtain the active power in excellence and the amendment and development for the benefit of information and of accuracy transfer and of specialization.

What these sites add in the presence of the huge media? What are the themes that seek to cover?

Electronic websites, on the multiplicity of places, origins, capacity of circulation, and dissemination of news and information, proceed to keep up with the rest of competition with other large media, such as TV space stations, radio, newspaper, magazine and book. Where each one of these medias has its own characteristic, that distinguishes it from its sister, as they all having a common mission of transferring the news, images and information according to its competence and available field.

Note that these medias itself diligently work to establish specialized web sites, to be on an equal footing with the most modern and sophisticated technical medias through the Internet, which can reach out to the browser in any part around the world, without troubles, regional or international law barriers.

It's fast, easy way and very active, in transferring the news, which is indeed considering the right way which makes the whole world lives in one small village, people knowing and interact with each other at the same time, in a permanent and continuous case.

Therefore, each one of these medias has its own characteristic, and has set its mission, purpose and itinerary. At the end, they are all active medias,  complementing each other, no one can cancel or replace other, for everyone has its own taste, shape and color and the appropriate basis of their composition and origin.

How to ensure sustainability of these sites: Depending on the particular expenses or receive funding from partisan or commercial advertising ...

Certainly, each website has particular source of funding contributes to its sustainability, development and promotion of physical potential, ranging from government and non-partisan, personal and or commercial advertising revenues. Harouf town's website depends largely on owners' personal finance by a desire to complete work on the owners' main approach purpose march, on the basis of the site, which aims primarily to serve people of the town, the South, and the homeland, either in Lebanon or in the countries of destination, and to raise the name of this entity to prior developed and civilized countries, in order to match the pace of scientific progress, technical and technological, which is where today's world.

How can supervisors of the sites supply them with news? Through full-time delegates or by the help of areas' information delegates...

Supplying sites with news and information are from multiple sources, some by town's volunteers, sites' owners, areas' delegates, publishing houses, press, and sometimes quoted from some other websites with the said name of source.

What are the development projects (aspirations), which is eager to those in charge of these sites.

In summary, seeking to the establishment and dissemination of such websites has always aimed to the transfer of news and sincere information to the big number of visitors and browsers of the sites, quickly, accurately and in details, away from any external influences, that turning the site from its basic aimed program.

Of course, the permanent development of services, personal facilities, develop sources, means of stories and new developed information for visitors, remain at the forefront of the aspirations and development projects required to ensure the continuity of stay in the spotlight of the Advanced Media, injecting required benefit from the establishment of such sophisticated websites.

Furthermore, each site has its own point of view for future development of projects, according to the needs of the modern era and the requirements and suggestions of visitors to the site, and the rest of the sites are working to develop and improve. The projects must be vital helping in bringing about a distinct shift to the continuation of life and the effectiveness of these sites to long periods of time.

 In addition to more questions and other clarifications….


The speech word of Harouf website in Sour meeting  

In the Name of The God the Merciful

Peace and prayers upon the prophet Mohammad, his family and his
chosen companions...

Gentlemen management of Shu'oun Janoubiya magazine, colleagues managers of southern websites, precious audience…

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings,

First of all, let me extend my sincere thanks to the management of the magazine, for this rare gesture launched today because of the expected positive impact on the future of websites in the South of Lebanon. As I salute you, my professional fellows in profession, in transferring news, information and pictures, with real essence of truth, under all circumstances to all the world.

We are meeting today for the first time, to discuss and study the profession's affairs
 and difficulties facing it, to work together to assist in the development and activation of these southern websites that we run, so we may come to a satisfactory help to keep communicating with each others in the coming days.

And proceeding from this point to suggest you, that we are convening regular meetings between us, perhaps every three or six months, under the auspices of Shu'oun Janoubiya magazine if possible. So that this meeting is not the first and last. One meeting so far is not sufficient for handling all the problems and solutions and to study proposals that have been requested beside other vital organs.

And supplemented by the idea of establishing an association of owners and managers of the southern sites, to be a good basis for the building of a scientific electronic works to unite the views and ideas in the face of threats to our Arab nation in general and the region of southern Lebanon in particular.

Where the focus on what matters the southern Lebanese citizens interesting, considering the first of our fundamental work to highlight all the problems of security, economic and daily life, and try to highlight them on a permanent basis to give appropriate solutions, as well as to create a positive atmosphere conducive to the strengthening of linkages between the humanitarian and social categories of the Lebanese people.

Finally, we wish to you all a successful meeting, in the hope of meeting very soon with God willing...

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings,

Management of Harouf town's website:

Alhaj Jamil Ibrahim Al-Shami


Designer Word & Objectives of Harouf Website

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