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A Brief Profile of Associations and Clubs in Harouf


That social, cultural and charity work, is of the hardest kind of actions of the individual, in the village communities. The continuation of this work and success, and give it the wanted results, it requires above all faith in this work, patience and perseverance, whatever the difficulties and sacked facing, and always look forward to the benefits of this fruitful outcome from these efforts.


A fruitful and constructive cooperation among all members of community, will enhance the success of every meaningful social work.

1- Charity Social Association 1963
2- Al-Ehssan and Social Guidance Association 1989
3- Imam Sadr Cultural Charity Association 1993
4- Karaki Charity Social Association 1996
5- Vigilance Cultural Social Association 2000
6- Harouf Sporting Club 1990
7- Harouf Sporting Club in the Era of Professor Nezham Houmani

There are other associations, and family ties as of Houmani association,  Harqous, Ayyash, and Harb families associations and others..., all acting in the interest of social citizen, and the development of his or her intellectual, cultural forces, the way to build an active civilized human beings, contributing in reconstruction and prosperity of the town, big city and the grand nation.

1- Charity Social Association 1963

  The association founded in 1963 under the chairmanship of professor Abdullattif Hassan Hashem, where established the first public library in the region, it was containing about 4000 books. This is in addition to the establishment of a sports club interested in education irrigation for youth, including wrestling, physical education, weightlifting. As long as the hero of Lebanon in weightlifting, Mohamed Khair Al-Tarabulsi, visiting the sports club in Harouf from time to time, for practicing his favorite sports, and meets with stars of Lebanon to arrange and play live games with them, as recorded in one of it, a record number of 173 kg.

  The best known of this assembly association, throughout Beirut and Mount of Lebanon on that date. But with the intervention of politics and politicians, leaderships, and the family disputes, in the General Affairs and Concerns of the association, the work put in disruption and stopped their activities since then.
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2- (Al-Ehssan) Sympathy and Social Guidance Association 1989

  The association founded in 1989 under the No. 141/ ad, Dated 4/11/1989 taking Harouf as main branch, district of Nabatiyeh, headed by Haj/ Haidar Mohammed Karaki and as the society's representative to the the government, Hassan Abbas Harqous Vice-President, The membership of: Hassan Abbas - Sharif Abdessalam Badreddin - Hassan Ibrahim Al-Shami - Wehbi Waheeb Al-Shami - Hussein Ibrahim Hamdan - Ali Ahmad Harb.

The Objectives of the Assembly are:

1- To do all charity and social actions and publishing general culture.

2- Lecturing to enhance love between members of community.  

3- Establishment of educational courses and professional training in various fields.

4- The establishment of clinics, laboratories and hospitals.

5- Tying and closer strengthen scientific and literary ties.

Projects Carried out by the Assembly:

Cultural projects:

1- Such as lectures on the book of Pontificated Imams (Peace upon Them) and distributed by manuscripts.

2- Established a public library, currently contains more than two thousand books, located at the center of the Islamic Mission Scouts in Al-Naseriah neighborhood.

3- Courses to teach reading the boards of consolation, education Hosseini preacher.

4- Training and education in computer, where the hand over certificates to the graduates by Lebanese the second Mrs. Randa Berri.

5- In addition to courses in improving the quality of fine reading of quran.Courses  & sessions in explaining the process letter of (Menhaj Al-Saleheen).

Social projects:

1- Such as establishment of artesian well (water reservoir), in collaboration with UNICEF and the Council of the South.

2- Opening, expansion, and paving the main roads of the town, farm roads, and widen the highway, by total length of 16 km.

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3- Imam Sadr Cultural Charity Association 1993

  Association founded in 1993 under the No. 199/37, headed by Sayyed Ali Al-Amin, Vice President Sayyed Hussein Al-Amin and Sheikh/ Ali Yaghi, and the secretary Haj/ Mohammed Haidar Karaki.

The objectives of the Assembly are:

  Work on the establishment of colleges and universities, to publish high levels of science and culture, in order to give leave scientific and Ph.D. in consciousness legitimacy.

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4- Karaki Charity Social Association 1996

  The clinic, sponsored by Karaki social charity association

  Association founded in 1996 under the No. 139/ 1996, headed by Haj/ Hassan Sheikh Ali Karaki, and Vice President Ali Hassan Karaki, and the secretary Amin Mohammed Karaki, and Haj/ Haidar Mohammed Karaki as general supervisor.

  It has been agreed between all the members and staff of this collective permanently, that, the President of the association will be the older, Vice President and the rest of a deputy members, of the same curriculum and the arrangement by the older age of each of them.

The objectives of the Assembly are:

1- The provision of social and health services.

2- To provide financial aid for needy students.

3- Providing medical checks through the establishment of charitable clinic.

4- Provide vaccinations for children in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

Projects carried out by the Assembly:

  By the God's help, all the objectives, for which it was created, are achieved. It is now in the process of establishing a chamber of free checking and treatment for teeth.

In addition to providing currently, more than fourteen medical specialists over days of the week. As also providing health emergency services by mobile ambulance.

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5- (Al-Yaqdhah) Vigilance Cultural Social Association 2000

Association headquarters beside Al-Husseineih


A brief profile of the (Al-Yaqdhah) Vigilance Cultural Social Association


Association founded in 2000 under the No. 36 /ad / 2000, headed by President Haj/ Ahmad Abdelredha Ayyash, Professor Ali Abbas Harqous as Vice-Chairman, Professor Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Atawi as secretary, Abbas Amin Harb the head of public relations officer, Ahmed Fouad Harb Fund secretary, Hassan Mohammed Ayoub delegate to a state, Hussein Aniss Jaradi official media, Hussein Issa Harqous cultural official, Kamal Muhammad Sabra social official,  Mohamed Ahmed Houmani, Mohamed Ibrahim Harb, and Sharif Badreddin all as adviser members.

Association established, since its founding, several projects, culminating in success, including:

1- Literacy.

2- Session in men barber.

3- Qualifying sessions for the final, and IX essential classes.

4- Establishment, in the Lecture Hall, at the cultural center of Kamel Yousef Jaber, Nabatiyeh, a number of lectures including: Professor Michel Eddeh: entitled " Which Future for Israel", Dr. Kamal Hamdan in the economy society, and an open dialogue with the president of the People Movement Professor Najah Wakim in   Al-Husseiniah of Harouf town.

5- Session in the English Language.

6- Six sessions in children care.

7- Session in the computer.

8- These courses have included students from within Harouf and other towns as: (Jibsheet, Ebba, Kfarssir..., etc.), students got official certificates from the Ministry of Social Affairs, entitled them to work in the formal vocational schools and abroad. Medals were distributed in the presence of village leaders and municipal members.

Another project carried out by the Assembly:

Establishing an Exhibition in Victory Day and Liberation, opened by Imam of Nabatiyeh, Sheikh/ Abdul Hussein Sadeq, in the presence of a large number of important personalities, and mayors and mayors of the neighboring villages.


Some Pictures from Exhibition







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6- Harouf Sporting Club 1990

The sport work in Harouf, engaged in the efforts and offerings of personality and of an individual, and is still rely primarily on the management council members of the club. And so, without a formal authorization from the Directorate General of Youth and Sports at the time, allowed to participate in the official championships in Lebanon. Therefore, the Lebanese clubs exploited this situation to owning the privileged players from sons of Harouf town, by enticed them with money to sign in their records, and here we must single out the Lebanon team's and the Nejmeh club goalkeeper, Captain Zain Hashim. Lebanese clubs still to this day, replete with the skilled players, of Harouf sons.

In the year of 1986, Haj/ Mohammed Haidar Karaki, came from Beirut to stay in Harouf permanently,  for givinggood works of humanitarian, social and cultural, for the people of the town, as he has thankful characterized qualities, high culture, and good knowledge of many events, personalities and departments at the official and civil in Beirut, by virtue of residence and graduating from its universities, and the closeness of some important personalities.

He has already translated these objectives; the establishment of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs, caring on the legitimate rights. Besides, improving the forefront of the (Husseiniah) of the town, and the renovation of the mosque, providing assistance in kind and material for students of schools from the fund prepared specially for this purpose. In addition to the attention of sports affairs, and the concern was at that time, to engage in games of: football, basketball and the volleyball.

In the year 1988, three delegations of eminent country, attended calling to reviving the club, and release to participate in the official championships in Lebanon, considering that it has registered with the official bodies to deal with the sports. But, after many attempts and audits of the official authorities in Beirut, it was clear, that the club does not have an official license to practice sports. Proceeding from this result, serious attempts started to obtain formal authorization. After a period of striving efforts, for the sporting club of  Harouf, they got the notice in the month of May 1990 under the No. 246/ 1990.

The understanding with the Toul real estate company, to allow the club of Harouf to use its play ground to deal sports exercises, and the arrangement of matches on the field prepared especially for that purpose, for the people of Toul town and the neighboring villages, including Harouf. This is in addition to also obtain permission for the exercise and arranging basketball and volleyball games, on the fields of the (New Lebanon Schools) in Harouf. It is a private school owned by a Professor Nezham Houmani.

In the year 1992 the Harouf Sporting Club, soccer league, raised, by efforts of players, trainer and management, from the fourth degree division, to the third degree division. Up to the year 2000, where was offering concrete vital efforts to get promotion beyond the third division.... to the second division. It's now swings between the second and third class.

The objectives of the club are:

1- Practice exercises and sports away from political and religious matters.

2- The upbringing of right citizen-athlete, proceeding from the principle of "a sound mind in a healthy body".

3- Graduation Harouf town sportsmen and socially in sports fields inside Lebanon.

4- ًSince the club foundation, around 125 administrative members, were passed by. As members of the current administrative are 12 members. The current chairman of the club, Dr. Hussein Nasr, Vice Presidents; Hassan Ahmed Harqous and Wessam Riyadh Ayyash, while Haji/ Mohammad Haidar Karaki charges Secretariat, and the official competent representative with the government authorities.

After the establishment of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in 2002 under Decree No. 800 / 2002, which stipulated that each club recorded an official license for operation sports over all Lebanese territory, gets a financial assistance by the State, to cover the burdens of the participation and engagement of the games, included in licenses during a year, estimated at about ten million Lebanese Lira.

Harouf Sporting Club, has benefited from this governmental subsidy to strengthen its financial position. Note that it alone is not enough, the implications of the shareholders and the rest of the members of the administration, that they must pay other financial requirements. As is known that cultural and social associations, can lends itself to collect money, in different ways by each activity. While sports club, needs for a continuous finance providing, so that it can continue its career, to serve the sons of the region, the district and the town.

We wish every success, prosperity and progress, and achievement of the championships, to the "Harouf Sporting Club".....

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