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This site is put in the hands of researchers, university students and designers of websites, for definition of Harouf, the great Southern town, which is steadfast in the face of the Zionist aggression and colonialism domination. As the sons of Harouf, and all citizens of the hero Southern areas, who are really the fighters of resistance for freedom and liberation, by their honorable blood, pious assurances of pure blood, they are liberated the precious land of the South, and returned it back to the embrace of the motherland heart, Lebanon. That was after long years of struggle, fighting and patience, filled by faith in God Almighty, with strong inevitability of martyrdom for the victory and liberation.

We hope that this site, will be an encouraging nucleus for the founding of several  official expanded sites for Harouf town. In collaboration with the Municipality of Harouf, represented by its current president, Haj Hassan Ahmad Harkous, former president Dr. /Ahmad Mahmoud Ayyash, former president Haj/ Ali Jamil Ayyash, the head of the first period of the previous mayor, Haj/ Nazeeh Youssef Ayoub, and all members of the municipal council, current and formers.

However mayors Haj/ Hussein Hamad Ayash and Haj/ Ali Abdulamir Atwi, and former mayors, Alsayyed Hassan Hussein Badreddin and Haj/ Hassan Amin Harb. This is in addition to a large number of doctors, engineers and the self-employed, intellectuals, university students, owners and managers of private and public schools, teachers, associations and cultural, social and sporting clubs.

We wish for all sons of  Liberal South villages, all towns and cities of the dear homeland of Lebanon, all progress and prosperity, looking in blessing hope, for a better and bright future, for all generations over the years and days.

Applicants sincere thanks, to all those who contributed directly with us, in establishing of this site, and to every body provided us with required important information, which make it full of richness and strengthened position. We especially want to thank Mayor of Harouf, mayors, the heads of associations and clubs, and in particular, Haj/ Haidar Mohammed Karaki, Haj/ Ahmad Abdulridha Ayyash, Professor Haj/ Ali Abbas Harqous, Professor Abdel-Moneim Ibrahim Atawi, and to all sons of Harouf town, within Lebanon, and all foreign countries in the world, and to every one who declared willingness to provide information in the most today and near future.

Harouf... in the first of the month of September 2003

 note that publication of the pilot site started on the first of August 2003

 hoping to gain this site visit and thanked satisfaction

Harouf Martyrs in the war of July 2006

Harouf, got a great chance, to share of the heroic martyrs who wrote by their pure blood assurances of victory, pride and dignity for Lebanon and for the people of Lebanon, the Arab and Islamic people..

Yes... The Islamic Resistance, the national heroes in Lebanon, could, as an outcome of the big victory on the most barbaric force in since the talk, supported from all the forces of evil and injustice in the world, with the blessing and wide support of some Arabic Regimes... That changed the face of history, and rewriting it, on the basis of new strategic and military policy, based on the sincerity of belief in God Almighty, with the respectful, loving of (Ahlel Beit), Peace upon Them... Then on the adoption of the latest scientific methods, fighting, and to the new military and political resistance, which is produced in Lebanon, by the blessing hands of Lebanese. Undoubtedly refused, but to contribute in making the new great history of Lebanon, stubborn intransigence of the right, steadfast endurance champions...

Designer and Owner of the site

 Hajj Jamil Ibrahim al-Shami


The idea of establishing the site,and the designer assistant, holder of the educational teaching license in accounting and financial sciences from the Universal Institute of Jwaya for technology - Sour

Fatima Jamil Shami


 Great thanks for Professor of accounting and computing information, programming materials and the HTML, Dr. Hassan Khamis

Jwaya University Institute for Technology

Designer Assistant

Holder of the educational teaching license in Geography from Lebanese University in Sidon

Suha Jamil Al-Shami


Designer Assistant

Ibrahim Jamil Al-Shami

Holder of the educational teaching license in accounting and funding from Lebanese University in Nabateyieh

Designer Assistant

Maha Jamil Al-Shami

Holder of the educational professional technical (TS) from the School of Nabatiyah -  in the  professional accounting


Designer Assistant

Mohammad Jamil Al-Shami

Student at the School of Sidon a professional technical institute - (TS3) in the  Electronic Section, and advertising delegate


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